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About Us

Travelers seeking solace in the arms of the arts will find paradise in The Picasso— a convergence of stylish design, engaging artworks, and unconventional hospitality located in the heart of a busy metropolis. With one hundred thirty six rooms, two of which are luxurious lofts, The Picasso stands out not just for its design but also for its spacious accommodations.

Inspired by a creative genius, The Picasso is where vintage meets novelty, where a hotel experience is transformed into an affair with the arts.

This is The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, where art and passion live.


A masterpiece in its own right, The Picasso is a multi-tiered gem that will enchant its guests with exquisite levels of creativity: from its visionary structure to its imaginative accommodations. Exploring the residences is an immersion in artistic inspiration. The boutique hotel is guaranteed to seduce your senses: experience it once and you will surely dream of repeating your stay at The Picasso.

Reinventing the old to experience the new: this is the concept behind The Picasso. The residences are lodged in an old building, but its cutting-edge design rises above the bustling street life it is surrounded with.

At The Picasso, the studio room (at 45 square meters—significantly larger than your average accommodation) and the one-bedroom (at 88 square meters) boast of a luxurious expanse of extended windows from the ceiling to the wall. Stepping into the hotel is like stepping into a painting come to life: each component has a theme, each name has a meaning. The guest floors were from the eight significant periods of Pablo Picasso’s life—reflected in vibrant colors and patterns.

The Picasso is stylish, engaging, and unconventional. It is an artistic fusion of inventive facilities and artistic chambers: a place for those looking for old, familiar comforts of home but beset with a promise for new adventures.

“It’s the idea of seeing one thing, an object in space, from different vantage points and then reassembling those different views into a new form. So you’re taking an object that you see every day and seeing it in a totally new way – that’s the chord in Picasso that struck us,” Architect Dominic Galicia discusses the stimulus for styling The Picasso. Together with interior designer Tina Periquet, the two have masterfully crafted a dynamic new property out of an old building.

What was once an old landmark is now an edifice of unparalleled style. You may see The Picasso everyday, but you will always see it in a different way.