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Strokes of Paradise

It is evident for everyone these days to look for an escape from the daily grind that often we always find ourselves booking a plane ticket or a city staycation. With the digital age being Darwinian and influential, we see the market’s travel habits shift as some hotels and getaway destinations explode in popularity. Whether it’s local or international, people are always itching to explore, relax, commune and learn more from experiential-based experiences. But as glamorous as it can be to jet off in a tropical beach or a remote igloo, there’s no denying that it’s consequently costly and exhausting, rather than restorative. That’s why a spontaneous staycation near your home base is far better for a quick refresh without the compromise of luxury or novelty of a far-flung locale. You can shake up monotony without having to board a plane or hop on a train sans the mad rush to do everything in your travel itinerary. And Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences has greatly mastered The Art of Great Stays, delivering the elusive market with personalized service, unique offerings, primo-cultural art and culinary surprises that can truly make a vacation right within reach.

Picasso Boutique, a perennial favourite, was thoughtfully designed as an ode to the creative and visual master Pablo Picasso. This unique, pleasure fortress is located in the central business district of Makati, carefully populated with artisanal furniture and collective art, making you feel like you are stepping into a painting. The rooms were inspired by the birthplace and spiritual home of Picasso, brimming with rich cerulean hues, calming whites, dusty grays, rustic golds, all that is a reminiscent of the sunny Andalusian City. It is easy to forget you’re in the city with these stylish suites where guests can predominantly unwind at the end of a long day at work or a business flight. Furnished rooms are fitted with fully functional amenities like kitchenette, mini bar, rain showers, ergonomic desk chair, bluetooth clocks, smart TVs, direct dial telephones and even a pillow menu – all wonderfully thought out to provide comfort and convenience after a day’s respite. Their perched balconies allow you to take in a breath of fresh air and luxurious beds make for a restful living within a bustling city of the metro. This 9-storey building also has bi-level fully-equipped gym and a hair and body studio perfect for much needed pampering.

A foraging dining and cocktail destination along Leviste Street, Pablo Bistro represents the essence of gourmet global gastronomy, inspired by the sunlit countries on the coast of Mediterranean. As you enter the glass doors, your eyes will feast with its elegant interior, parquet floors, cozy al fresco seating, premiere neighborhood bar and foliage peppered around the space. Located inside the boutique hotel, this bistro is a fusion of culinary fares of International and Spanish flavors with quintessential Filipino twist that will surely delight your palette. The ingredients, fresh from the market, were skillfully crafted like a blank canvas being splattered with paint, reinventing and innovating each dish into a culinary artistry and exquisite demonstration of flavour. From their signature Paellas to Margherita di Bufala Pizetta, the stellar dishes are prepared in classic and contemporary techniques, leaving lasting impression like how an artwork touches your soul.

Beside Pablo Bistro is Cartel Deli, a mindful epicure for well-curated food and beverage selection. Inspired by the New York Markets and delicatessens and named after a Spanish word that meant a list or line up of sorts, Cartel Deli offers multicultural variety of fresh, organic, local and premium produce wherein you can grab a cup of #SalcedoSwing coffee, eat a hearty deli sandwich, and shop for quality Iberico meats. It houses some of the third wave purveyors who are specialists in their respective fields. More than just a deli, Cartel brings together a plethora of concepts like Yardstick Coffee, TXN Corner, Bonton Bakery, Holy Carabao Farms, Belge & Co. and Calidad Espanola. With Pablo Bistro and Cartel Deli, it truly marked Pablo Picasso’s foray into elevating the European dining experience and building a community, meant to indulge people’s passion for good food and drinks.

Around the world, hotels are putting art and design at the forefront. Picasso Boutique Residences keeps things au courant with its Altro Mondo Gallery sitting atop the second floor. More than just a building, Picasso strives to be an engine for art. Soak in the moments of brilliance created by eminent talents right after having a gastronomical feast. The two identical rooms have walls that serve as a visual gallery for artists, often featuring up-and-coming talents in painting, sculpture, photography and those who are experimental of their craft. This 80-square meter in-house exhibit is a home to many rotating art installations and collections – often fresh, compelling, and at times, controversial. As Altro Mondo celebrates Filipino and International rosters, its proponent to the industry continues to break boundaries by redefining what a contemporary art gallery is.

More often than not, you just want a break from your normal routine and habits without traveling too far. Rejuvenate your senses after whirlwind of stressful day with the boutique’s QiWellness Spa. Anchoring on three philosophies – listening to what you want, sensing what the body needs and composing the best treatment to help the body heal itself just as nature intended – their holistic approach marries Western advances in modern therapy with Eastern healing practices. Their revitalizing massage and reflexology reflect an old century and new sublime energy, giving you a sensorial journey and a fresh restart for the week ahead.

The quaint residential area of Salcedo is also walking distance from a glut of restaurants, hip cafes and dozens of warrens of hidden bars dotting the city. It is also a few steps away from a weekend stroll at Salcedo Market, parks, attractions and malls. Pablo was an artistic genius that revolutionized the way we look at the world, the same way this designer cocoon is transforming the look and feel of serviced residences. Pablo Boutique Residences aims to be the archetypal starting point for discovering the vibrant energy of Makati and a sanctuary for mastering the Art of Great Stays – whether it’s for sleep, fun, business, delicious adventure or relaxation. Picasso Boutique Serviced incessantly remains to be a breeding ground for artists and a home for travelers, business men and families – a fount of inspiration for the perfect weekend destination.