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Staycation: Picasso, Makati: The Art of Great Stay

My personality requires me to at least take a boat or bus ride or fly anywhere to really just experience things out of routine. It also makes me take the risk and thrive on an inner kind of excitement. Each day, I need to get high on excitement of some type coz I can’t be stuck doing the same routine for a period of time, thus making me want to just book a ticket to anywhere outside my comfort zone to experience other things.

I’m never really the best person to ask if you need help with time management coz sometimes, when the amount of tasks for both work and school gets too overwhelming, my tendencies of getting stressed are high and I just end up not doing anything and I just break down. That’s why we really need to take a break every once in a while. And this staycation’s really just the best getaway for me to 1. study for finals 2. just relax 3. simply be away from home.

And just to make it clear for everyone No, I am not based in Manila. Haha. I’m from Cebu and will be staying here for only a few reasons: 1. School. 2 Work/ Career. I found myself frequenting Manila because going back to the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I had to getaway. It’s always a different experience there coz there’s so much to go to and see. But this visit’s different. My usual visits are always with itineraries (which my friend would create to make sure my visits are worth it haha) but this time, I went on without any and it’s coz I couldn’t seem to get myself out of the hotel. Here’s why.

The room. I stayed at the Montparnasse suite. Who would wanna leave the hotel room if this is where you’re staying, right? I was greeted with healthy complimenary snacks and really amazing people (the staff). The hotel is situated in an undoubtedly ideal location which is in the heart of Makati where everything’s really just a walk away or a short ride away. There are a lot of really good restos around and a few good establishments that you can go visit which is really just across or around the hotel. And even when it’s in Makati, it’s situated perfectly in Salcedo where the streets aren’t busy. The Picasso’s promise of an immersion in art through its application of creativity is what makes it an ideal place to stay in and is something that would pique people’s interest to really stay here. The suite room is equipped with a king bed setup, rain shower and bathtub, dining/study area (which was my favorite spot in the room coz it honestly is the only place you’d find me in), balcony, mini bar, and a kitchenette. It has everything you need from a shower area, a tub, really good wifi connection and comfort. The room also has a bedside clock and a bluetooth speaker in one which woke me up on my first morning which didn’t really bother me at all. That way I started my morning early and hit the gym which was also on the same floor. And since I don’t really use the television, music was the best company I’d ask for for both studying and pretty much the company itself.

View from outside

Nothing like ending the day with a good bath in the tub.

The morning after. I’m never a breakfast person, and I don’t usually start my day with a good meal coz that’s just how my system works but we always have to make exceptions for some things. Enjoyed having breakfast at Pablo Bistro which is just at the lobby of the hotel. Don’t we all love breakfast buffets.

I can’t really seem to find the right way to start this post and tell you guys how this hotel is aesthetically pleasing and comforting. From the outside, to the hotel lobby, to the amenities and to the room itself, everything about it is just ~art~ On the 3rd floor of the hotel, you’ll find yourself appreciating more of what Picasso has to offer in their museum. I’m not entirely sure how often they change the artworks but they do every now and then. Shoot locations for all my photos are at my balcony, the tub in the bahtroom, the museum, the outside of the hotel, and the inside and outside of Pablo Bistro. I couldn’t thank The Picasso enough for sheltering me with superb service, comfort, and with a place where art and passion lies. The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences 119 L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City Philippines 1227 T: +63 2 828.4774 F: +63 2 828.9141 E: reservations@picassomakati.com